We don’t A/B test core values by David Heinemeier Hansson

Yet even that is the wrong way to look at it. Because this isn’t just about the money, it’s about running a business in a way you can feel proud about. And the only way to do that consistently is by not A/B testing your core values.

On central bank independence by Jerome H. Powell

In a well-functioning democracy, important public policy decisions should be made, in almost all cases, by the elected branches of government. Grants of independence to agencies should be exceedingly rare, explicit, tightly circumscribed, and limited to those issues that clearly warrant protection from short-term political considerations.

Hear, hear!

How to spend your first 30 days in a new senior-level role by Lara Callender Hogan

Throughout my years as a coach, I’ve seen lots of my clients land in a new leadership role as a director or above, and make a well-intentioned but enormous mistake: they make a big change within their organization before building up trust with their teams.

Subscribe Wherever You Get Your Content by Jim Nielsen

It’s kind of amazing: it’s not just hippie nerds talking about an open, accessible, distributed content model. People and corporations are putting real money into supporting a model that gives users all the power to browse, follow, and access whatever they want, wherever and however they best see fit.

The iPhone Keyboard - Make It or Break It

A story of how autocorrect saved the day, although it’s upsetting how fast people forget things: T9 worked fine for years on hardware that were much more limited.

The evolution of Unix facilities and architecture (2017) by Theodore Ts’o

So this is why this is a great example of “worse is better”. In Linux, ext2 was incredibly sloppy about how it handled write ordering—it didn’t do anything at all. But as a consequence we developed tools that were extremely good to compensate, and in practice, it was extremely rare (although it did happen on occasion) that files would get lost or the file systme could end up in a state where fsck would not be able to recover without manual intervention by a system administrator using debugfs.

Examples of floating point problems by Julia Evans

Most of those problems would cease to exist if points weren’t floating. :)

Grayscale on 1-bit LCDs by Wenting Zhang

In conclusion, in this blog I explored and implemented various different methods of producing grayscale images on these passive matrix monochrome LCDs. In addition to use industrial standard methods, I have also tried using noise shaping technology commonly used in other applications here and got some fairly good results as well.